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Jake Hinkson

Jake Hinkson is a freelance writer specializing in classic film, pop culture, and crime fiction.

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Mischief article

In The Strange Dark: MISCHIEF

At THE LIFE SENTENCE: Jake Hinkson explores MISCHIEF by Charlotte Armstrong

1420170935 0 article

Helen Holmes: The Girl at the Switch - Neatorama

By Jake Hinkson. Reprinted by permission from MENTAL FLOSS.

The naked kiss article
LA Review of Books

Neo-Noir and Anti-Realism in Sam Fuller | The Los Angeles Review of Books

Jake Hinkson explores the work of Sam Fuller and the birth of Neo-Noir

Ryan cover e1437346269368 379x277 article

A Good Man in a Bad Time: The Lives of Robert Ryan

At THE LIFE SENTENCE: Jake Hinkson reviews the new biography of a film noir icon

Quais du polar grisham connelly marion bornaz article
Criminal Element

Letter from Lyon: At 2015's Quais du Polar by Jake Hinkson

Jake Hinkson reports from the 2015 Quais du Polar

Girl article

Take Back The Night: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night | Tor.com

Jake Hinkson looks at the instant vampire classic

140cover250 article

Lizabeth Scott: Film Noir's Blonde Janus

Mystery Scene Summer Issue #140: Jake Hinkson salutes film noir icon Lizabeth Scott

The other side of the wind on set article
Criminal Element

Orson Welles's Last Movie by Jake Hinkson

Orson Welles at 100: The Other Side of the Wind

Beast in view margaret millar article
Criminal Element

Beast in View

From the series "Margaret Millar at 100" by Jake Hinkson

The widower georges simenon article
Criminal Element

The Stand Alones: Georges Simenon's The Widower

Jake Hinkson examines the Georges Simenon stand alone novel The Widower

The cheyenne social club poster article
Criminal Element

The Cowboy Rides Away: Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda

Jake Hinkson explores the final western of Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda

Margaret miller at 100 article
Criminal Element

Do Evil in Return

From the series "Margaret Millar at 100" by Jake Hinkson

Predestination1 article

Whatever Will Be Will Be: Predestination and The Time Travel Movie

The Time Traveling and Gender Bending of Predestination By Jake Hinkson

Dark christmas article
Criminal Element

Dark Christmas: 7 Noir Holidays Films by Jake Hinkson

Dark Christmas: 7 Noir Holidays Films by Jake Hinks...

Marvel agent carter header article
Criminal Element

Agent Carter 1.01: Series Premiere “Now Is Not The End” by Jake Hinkson

Jake Hinkson kicks off a series of recaps for the new show Agent Carter.